lesson 02
type537 updates/patches | bedtime stories | graffiti

my name is tom, now who will listen?

rely on ppl they say
inanimate objects are useless

ppl run out on you

rely on things they say
they dont move

things die and rot or break

i need something higher.

i havent been updating much
if anyone cares...
its not because i dont like the net
no far from it
i love the internet
no matter how frustrating working on a computer gets
i never have the same scummy smell from using my keyboard as i do from lets say washing week old dishes with a year old rag
well guess im sorta excusing myself for being lazy.

cya have a great week!

type537 is a program written mainly in BoRD++.
its function is to catalog the misadventures of a particular boy and his observations of life on earth.
it has a built-in self-updating mechanism which
updates itself as the need arises.
its source code is open to all.
BoRD++ programmers are welcome to join the project!
be sure to update/contribute[to] type537 frequently to prevent memory leaks and other problems with circumventing
this thing called life.

to get the latest version of type537 v0.1 beta
click the link below.

type537 updates/patches

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