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type537 updates/patches


tue 220102

pretty interesting cartoons here...
pretty damn addictive...
damn now i need to pay more for the extra d/ls...

aint it true?

thu 170102

had a broken hearted day.
so damn tempted to rant and rave online
just to preoccupy the soul.
but then again why share the misery?
sides i want to maintain my rep as a toughie...

so lets all laugh at the lousy valentines we DIDNT get



wed 160102

funny as hell clip!
finally an airline that understands our needs.


tue 080102

the first post of the new year!
means nothing except that ive been a tad lazy
but hey
who isnt?

just to start us off...
a nice site of cartoons of reminiscence...


fri 231101

childish fun today
i got myself sorted by the harry potter sorting hat
and im told im a HUFFLEPUFF.
what are you?
brag on the forum

get sorted

mon 191101

christmas is in the air!
along with falling airplanes, anthrax, artificial hay fever and matrix 2.

the end is nigh.
buy your guy/ yourself a present.

heres a nice shop for presents[for guys]

the santa solution.

if santa is taking notes
id like a slam man pretty please.
+cough+ give me a @#$%^! lump of coal again and ill shove it down your throat -cough-

toy goodiness too.
new challengers for your crazychildren.
a little skinny and small
but trust me
they have bite.
dont get too close.


flash game goodness!
its a really well done site
with oh so beautiful music
i can never get enough of the bees n bubbles one.
go bLoooooOP!

ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space.

thu 151101

hello all
its been a terribly long hiatus
i assure you however you did not miss much.

ice breaking time!
my fastest spank is 332 miles an hour...
beat that and post it on the forum.

monkey spanking[above 18 only]

tue 091001

wow U2.

Real Networks and the band U2 will webcast a live concert. The Event will take place on Wednesday Oct 10, at 8:45pm EST. The webcast will be broadcast at both real.com and U2.com. The concert will be taking place at Notre Dame, Indiana.

tue 11092001

oh no.
the invasion of cute robots has begun.
hello blade runner.
they kinda lack the zest of the "dogs go wacko for schmackos" dog tho.

ohhhhh....so cute! only US850$ !!!


mon 10092001

no posts for you!
mucked ard all weekend.
starting looking for online games that i could put on...
havent found any...
but meanwhile calculate youre love score with anyone of youre choice.
P.S dont take it too seriously
it gave all my lousy relationships the highest scores!
so much for AI.

+ =

fri 07092001

downloaded and using IE6?
well now that thats done
TWEAK it!!!
heh the fun never ends.
heres a guide that will help you customize and optimize
microsoft internet explorer 6.

3Dspotlight IE6/OE6 tweak guide

anybody out there play solitaire?
im talking about the one that comes with windows 9x...
ive been playing for days and my high score is 5025
for single card draw.
is that any good?
humble me by posting your scores on the forum.

thu 05092001

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
i always wanted to be an astronaut.
i think i failed on the first one tho.
need a friggin degree!
well still its a pretty interesting site.
watch out for the midi tho
scared the shit out of me at 3 AM.

the astronaut resources.

wed 05092001

7:23 AM

Stephen Hawking warns : "get smarter or get extinct"

genetic modification of humans to compete with computers!
using technology on ourselves to beat AI!
or we may get wiped out!
something doesnt sound right with the idea of rushing to make computers super smart and then having to catch up with them.
shouldnt we stop improving AI and putting it everywhere instantly till we are sure we can control it?
i mean the few digits wrong gave us the millenium bug scare already.
gee...makes me wonder who the real player is in all this tech business.
could it be that this monster of a mainframe a few storeys high is already manipulating humans?

it be pretty cool if it all turns out well and i can d/l into my head kungfu skills matrix-style.
what awesome possiblities.
i could learn the finer points of frying tempura, being a sex god and get a doctorate in mathematics all in a day!
maybe even faster if i had broadband.

Harry Potter wins Hugo.

this article and a friend assure me that harry potter is cool.
i dunno.
can any work of fantasy compare with The Sandman by Neil Gaiman or with any work by Kurt Vonnegut?
both of whom to my limited knowledge didnt win any big awards like this.

but im intrigued to find out.
any kids have a spare harry potter book around to lend?

6:19 AM

its a tad late.
still an interesting look at SMAP and the marketing strategy
[or lack of it?] behind them
also reassuring to know that Takuya Kimura is human.
as evidenced here:
[In a fashion mag interview, Takuya Kimura was asked at what point in his life did he first realize he was a good-looking dude. His answer: "I haven't really thought about it. I looked in the mirror and all I could see was this pale, bloated face from drinking too much last night, and I'm thinking, 'Shit, I have a photo session in two hours.' " ]


read the full story here.



the jap dorama series i am currently watching is HERO
which stars incredibly stylish Takuya Kimura[to the right].
its a super show with a tight storyline and good humour.
mr.Kimura is also a star of boyband SMAP.

recently,another member of SMAP got into a little trouble with the law.
it invloved a maserati, a parking ticket and a female police officer.
hmmm sounds like a good intro for an AV movie.
"SMAP member Inagaki Goro was detained by police in Shibuya after hitting a female officer in the leg with his Mazzerati. Inagaki was stopped and questioned (to show his license and get out of the car) because of a parking violation but Inagaki didn't stay and left which led him to hit the officer's leg. Goro has been arrested for fleeing and obstruction of justice. The officer is said to have a bruise on the right leg. As for Inagaki Goro, He has since given an apology press conference, his TV appereances and commercials have been cancelled and he is not performing with SMAP at their concerts."

4:25 AM

no web luck today!
the phaistos guestbook turned into a self-erasing monster!
i managed to port the 2 most recent
entries into the new guestbook.
unfortunately roy's and countless other people's entries were lost
[probably just roy tho]
so can roy please sign the guestbook again please?
sorry bro

oh if youre a actor/ress, visiting dignitary or last name is Gates, could you please leave your credit card number and date of its expiration too?

purely for administration purposes.

im not so cool.

moving stuf around.
trying to make the place more livable.
bear with it please.

ever watch 'sausalito'?
the romance with leon lai and maggie cheung in it?
in that movie maggie's character says what i now adopt as my motto.
[i am not so cool]

shes does look pretty damn cool tho huh?
all day i dream about maggie.

tue 04092001

2:19 AM

my mobile has this t9 system in it for typing sms.
barely getting the hang of it.
if you are struggling too maybe this guide might help a little.

type faster smses today!

1:57 AM

telstra changes its broadband plans.

Telstra changes policy

1:34 AM

this ones for the freebie hunters out there.
lotsa cool stuf to win.
i joined a fair share but didnt win anything.
but who knows
if you win i want 10%.

Australian Easycash!

mon 03092001

5:59 AM

seen on counter-strike.net
"For those interested, here is the changelog for the upcoming CS 1.3:
- Multicast spectator added.
- Voice communication added.
- Added server chat to logging.
- Redesigned multiplayer scoreboard.
- CapsLock key is now bindable.
- Switching to Spectator is now logged.
- Changed minimum value for "mp_chattime" to 1 second
- Changed minimum value for "mp_buytime" to 0.25 (15 seconds)
- Radio commands can be heard by nearby enemies.
- Added commandmenu ability

Bug Fixes :
- Bunny hopping removed.
- Fixed client-side shots not matching the server-side counterparts.
- Fixed banned.cfg problem with more than 1024 entries.
- Fixed screenshots overwriting each other.
- Buffer overflow exploit fixed.
- "condump", "cmdlist", and "cvarlist" only write out to the game directory.
- Fixed Spectator mode bug.
- Fixed hitbox issues.
- Fixed nightvision bug.
- Fixed "slot10" not working correctly.
Expect to see 1.3 in early September (around the first week). More later.
[ cliffe ]"

5:37 AM

gee...just when i was gonna get my ears pierced.
this ones dedicated to you chris

piercings leave man impaired for life.

5:30 AM

seen at slashdot:
"Jim42688 writes: "Looks like the prices Amazon was reporting for Windows XP a while back were right. On the back of today's ad for CompUSA, it lists the prices to preorder. Home Full, 199.99, Home Upgrade, 99.99. Professional full, 299.99, Professional upgrade, 199.99." Perfect timing -- Fwis writes: "Use your power as a consumer to Boycott XP. The site is now functioning smoothly, and we invite you to log in and participate in discussions, polls, and news stories related to Microsoft's release of the XP line of products." There are some interesting links on this page if you (or someone with purchasing power at your company) is considering XP."

read a review of XP by the firingsquad here.

boycottXP? pick up the picket here.

im personally stoked about windowsXP coming out.
simply becos all windows versions that ive used since 3.1 were pretty dodgy with more unexplained crashes than a regular jo should have to deal with.
so with a whole new version of windows based on a much more stable engine [like windows2000] and with new whistles and all
looks damn tantalising.

it is a bit steep...but so far...the "AHOY! mateys" of the tech world have not disapointed.
godspeed my friends.

thu 300801

6:17 AM

take the asian aptitude test!
i did and i had 7 right.
which only put me in the "you are OK" level.
a tad disappointed as i pride myself as an
expert in differentiating between the asians.
ah shows how little i know

i coulda sworn the last girl was chinese!
stop smirking and try it for yourself.

asian aptitude test

get famous!
post youre asian-aptitude scores in the forum!
impress [asian]strangers,friends and family with your uncanny ability to spot their genetic makeup!
do it!

5:00 AM

arrgh after a day of setting stuf up.
thats it.
im not only braindead
my emotions have left as well.

i regret to inform that i am just a husk of boy
and not very much of a boy to begin with.

dont expect regular updates.

wed 290801

6:32 PM

kelvin [buddy] was on icq todae. hes in barcelona!
heres what he said abt ibiza:

"yehsome promoters in space mistook me for satoshi timiee and asked me to go play!

the girls said they loved my music

i was like no , i am not him

they didnt believe and one of the guys wanted to exchange shirts wit hme!"

to max out the famewhore points on this one id like to state that i knew kelvin in primary school.

6:42 PM

nearly forgot to give props up to my bro joe, he inspired me to do this site. and is also a source for inspiration to many of the stupid things i do in life.
heh what would i be without him.

theres something in his bathroom which goes like this:
"its never too late to be who you should have been - george

nothing like thinking abt restructuring youre life while taking a shit.


cheers to u bro.

i want to be there!

sure would like to go there.
anybody know anything abt it?
clue me in!


i have it impressed upon me that the island is in fact
tahiti. thx penny


9:02 PM

type537 v0.1 beta is out!
time for dinner!

oh and IE6 final is out too...
d/l it here

Microsoft IE6 final

we hope to update this page often with
new photos, jokes ,porn , manifestos ,misc.
we take em all!
so send them in!

and you might be the next saviour of all the lifeless souls reading this weblog.

or at least ill give you famewhore points.

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