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5:59 AM

seen on
"For those interested, here is the changelog for the upcoming CS 1.3:
- Multicast spectator added.
- Voice communication added.
- Added server chat to logging.
- Redesigned multiplayer scoreboard.
- CapsLock key is now bindable.
- Switching to Spectator is now logged.
- Changed minimum value for "mp_chattime" to 1 second
- Changed minimum value for "mp_buytime" to 0.25 (15 seconds)
- Radio commands can be heard by nearby enemies.
- Added commandmenu ability

Bug Fixes :
- Bunny hopping removed.
- Fixed client-side shots not matching the server-side counterparts.
- Fixed banned.cfg problem with more than 1024 entries.
- Fixed screenshots overwriting each other.
- Buffer overflow exploit fixed.
- "condump", "cmdlist", and "cvarlist" only write out to the game directory.
- Fixed Spectator mode bug.
- Fixed hitbox issues.
- Fixed nightvision bug.
- Fixed "slot10" not working correctly.
Expect to see 1.3 in early September (around the first week). More later.
[ cliffe ]"

5:37 AM

gee...just when i was gonna get my ears pierced.
this ones dedicated to you chris

piercings leave man impaired for life.

5:30 AM

seen at slashdot:
"Jim42688 writes: "Looks like the prices Amazon was reporting for Windows XP a while back were right. On the back of today's ad for CompUSA, it lists the prices to preorder. Home Full, 199.99, Home Upgrade, 99.99. Professional full, 299.99, Professional upgrade, 199.99." Perfect timing -- Fwis writes: "Use your power as a consumer to Boycott XP. The site is now functioning smoothly, and we invite you to log in and participate in discussions, polls, and news stories related to Microsoft's release of the XP line of products." There are some interesting links on this page if you (or someone with purchasing power at your company) is considering XP."

read a review of XP by the firingsquad here.

boycottXP? pick up the picket here.

im personally stoked about windowsXP coming out.
simply becos all windows versions that ive used since 3.1 were pretty dodgy with more unexplained crashes than a regular jo should have to deal with.
so with a whole new version of windows based on a much more stable engine [like windows2000] and with new whistles and all
looks damn tantalising.

it is a bit steep...but so far...the "AHOY! mateys" of the tech world have not disapointed.
godspeed my friends.

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